Building a fast, secure, fraud-free, increased user privacy NFT ad network with a full-fledge Marketplace and more…

NFTAd.Network is taking the Non-fungible Token advertising and trading experience a few steps further with NFT Academy — a comprehensive, well-designed educational platform. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced NFT trader, this unique NFTAd.Network feature will prove to be an asset. As validation of our commitment to education as a core mission, the NFTAd.Network team will incentivize users who want to learn or expand their knowledge with NAN tokens.


What is NFTAd.Network?

NFTAd.Network is a decentralized display Non-fungible token (NFT) advertising network aims at reducing ad fraud with increased user privacy, combined with an NFT marketplace, education platform, staking, NFT registry and news aggregation. NFTAd.Network is designed to reduce ad fraud, increase user privacy, informed decision-making and brings full transparency to Non-fungible Token (NFT) advertising. A decentralized Non-fungible Token (NFT) advertising network that will provide publishers and advertisers access to state of the art advertising technologies. The decentralized token ecosystem will reward publishers, advertisers and traders for staking, taking part in, improving and governing an ecosystem that centers on highest caliber and trustworthy Non-fungible Token digital assets knowledge. This will be achieved by NFTAdNetwork’s own token curated registries, NFT Marketplace and an associated token-based rewards ecosystem, both of which are blockchain-based functions that will reside on a platform independent of the NFT Ad Network.

Decentralized NFT Advertising Network

Enhance fraud protection by creating the most secure and user-friendly NFT Ad Network with enterprise-grade technologies. We hope to introduce measurable and constructive change to the planet and then foster the adoption of NFT-based products in a safe and efficient manner

Non-fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace

Decentralized, intuitive, and highly secure Non-fungible token makertplace with a responsive, easy to navigate iOS, Android, Windows mobile applications.

NAN Staking & Education Platforms, News Aggregator, NFT Registry

Development of resources and comprehensive educational materials for traders. Enter into agreements with highly skilled and professional blockchain educators and subject matter experts curated on NFTAd.Network’s website for one‑click easy access. At the same time, provides premier access to latest Non-fungible Tokens news updates. The news sources will be subject to data optimization ETL to ensure the highest accuracy and quality of news that are relevant to the NFT market. Additionally, NFTAd.Network will launch a NFT Curated Registry. The registry will enlists the help of experts, publishers, advertisers and traders to weed out bad actors.


NFTAd.Network Core Features

NFTAd.Network will launch a decentralized display Non-fungible token (NFT) advertising network aims at reducing ad fraud with increased user privacy, combined with an NFT marketplace, education platform, staking, NFT registry and news aggregation.

The NFTAd.Network decentralized NFT advertising platform will boast the following core features:

  • Advertising Network: NFTAd.Network will allow native token (NAN) holders to vote for which publishers, advertisers and NFTs should be listed on the network and registry. Those with the highest votes (based on yet to define rating standard) will be considered. That way, integrity of the system can be checked and verify by the community.
  • Ad Fraud Protection: Enterprise grade fraud, protection that includes the best Machine Learning based fraud detection, fraud-click prevention, and protection system.
  • Users Privacy: Built-in privacy features such as: incognito or private mode, virtual private network (VPN) and antivirus scans. All or some of these will run on the background of our systems to insure users’ privacy. In addition, your secrets or personal information will never be shared. NFTAd.Network will keep all of your things there away from the eyes of others.
  • Transparency: NFTAd.Network will empower its users with full disclosure, which will include: annual reports, open book access for advertisers, publishers, NFT traders, stakers, and token holders. All parties will also receive weekly emails outlining our work and state of the enterprise.

Problems we’re solving

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and other applications of blockchain/DLT must overcome the hurdles of awareness, skepticism, ease of use and network effects. At present, Non-fungible Tokens and blockchain/DLT are popular among only a small group of enthusiasts in the technology community. NFT is still labeled “nerd money.” But, for the idea to legitimately flourish, it needed to attract a significant number of users. Over time, an increasing number of people will become intrigued by the concept of products decentralization. NFT is not just for art, it can be applied to any product. However, society has not yet reached the tipping point where enough people around the world have become intimately involved in Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) that the utility of the technology can be truly realized. We are addressing the following critical issues that currently exist in the space.

Lack of integrated Non-fungible Tokens education

The current lack of access to reliable Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) education significantly limits the NFT markets from reaching their full potential. NFTs will become the norm for this generation and generations to come if investors, traders, and people actually utilizing the this newly minted technology become informed.

Lack of authentication and appropriate security

There is a pervasive sense of fear in the NFT world about authentication of products and keeping them safe from the threat of third-party interference. NFTAd.Network will address these issues with our curated registry and other storage-based technologies to store NFTs safely.

Inadequate mobile support

Many advertising networks and NFT Marketplace do not have a web application (APP) to allow users to access accounts on a mobile device. Moreover, cross-browser compatibility is a frustrating obstacle that no other platform has yet solved.

Poor customer service

When an issue occurs with current Non-fungible platforms today, the process to resolve the challenge is often long and arduous, if the matter is even addressed at all. It can take as long as three weeks to get a response. Upon launch, NFTAd.Network will provide instant email/chat/phone support.

Lack of NFT Registry

Because we believe access to a well-organized list of NFTs (sold & for sale) should be available to researchers and traders, NFTAd.Network is excited to be the first to develop and maintain such platform. Such an innovation will be part of the critical path to mass adoption. We will allow developers to tap into the platform using APIs and other means.

Lack of decentralized NFT news

Presently, there isn’t a one-stop medium for NFT traders, researcher and enthusiast to read real-time news and updates. Up-to-date information is so critical to the success of Non-fungible Tokens adoption, it warrants its own decentralize platform


NFTAd.Network Benefits

The dynamic token economics of the NFTAd.Network ecosystem demonstrates that NFTAd.Network has fully capitalized on the underlying technology. The NAN Token is structured in such a way as to support its entire ecosystem. Adoption will be limited not only to end advertisers and publishers, but also to traders using our NFT marketplace, for staking, curated registry or just holding. The NAN Token bears numerous simultaneous functionalities in the context of token adoption to support development of the NFTAd.Network ecosystem, including but not limited to:

Listing fees

NFTAd.Network will charge listing fees. Every time an advertiser, publisher, trader, or curator pay a transaction fee to NFTAd.Network with our native token, token holders will receive a percentage (outlined above) of the Tokens as loyalty rewards. The payment structure for NFTAd.Network shall be based on the various parts of the platform.

Trading on NFT Marketplace

NFTAd.Network is a global advertising network. However, NFTAd.Network will revolutionize the way you think about Non-fungible Tokens. We aim to solve the challenges of trust, security and lack of credible educational material in the space.

Knowledge sharing rewards

NFTAd.Network seeks to do more than simply create an advertising platform. NFTAd.Network’s ambition is to create an active community and knowledge exchange base. This platform will encompass everything from knowledge sharing to experimental ideas to success stories. Among other things, the sharing layer will enable a community member to post information, knowledge and content that can receive upvotes.

Learning incentives

Members of the NFTAd.Network community will be able to track their learning progress on a variety of subjects. Online quizzes will measure a user’s knowledge. Community members will be able to earn NAN Token rewards based on scores, learning level and commitment. Our aim is to make the process of learning Non-fungible Tokens trading both interactive and exciting.

NAN Token staking

Users will be able to stake NFTAd.Network native token (NAN) on the in-house staking platform in order to own high yields. The platform will be simple enough (click-and-play) for anyone holding NAN tokens to participate. More details will be provided at a later date.


During years 1-2, governance will be in the control of NAN token holders. All governance issues will be put to a vote. Possession of the NAN token will vest voting privileges in the NAN token holder with the table set forth on the “Governance” section of the whitepaper. NAN token holders will have the privilege to participate in the voting events.

Community voting

New features can be proposed at any time by any NFTAd.Network community member by staking a predetermined amount of NAN tokens. Any suggestions to the platform are welcome, provided the suggestion aligns with NFTAd.Network’s mission to advance the adoption of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are aligned with NFTAd.Network’s vision.

Curated NFT registry

Because we believe access to a well-organized list of NFTs (sold & for sale) should be available to researchers and traders, NFTAd.Network is excited to be the first to develop and maintain such platform. Such an innovation will be part of the critical path to mass adoption.



NFTAd.Network was founded in response to the challenges defined below:

NFTAd.Network will launch a Non-fungible Token (NFT) advertising network with an NFT curated registry, a NAN token staking platform, and community knowledge sharing ecosystem that will reside on a tokenized and decentralized blockchain platform.

NFTAd.Network will launch initially as a Non-fungible Token (NFT) that elevates the existing NFT trading experience.

NFTAd.Network will implement a round up feature that enables an end user to stake NAN tokens.

NFTAd.Network will launch an NFT Marketplace.

Use case #1:
Mai lives in Atlanta and wants to begin buying and/or selling Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). She harbors numerous fears and doubts, which temper her appetite to enter the space. Her family scoffs that NFT is a fraud and a bubble, she has read articles that admonish her about the possibility of hacks, devalue of prices, fake NFTs and she is overwhelmed by the volume of information to be researched and wonders which of the articles are reliable. Mai enters the NFTAd.Network’s educational platform and engages the free education that it offers. She rapaciously absorbs the content in NFTAd.Network’s materials, podcasts and tutorials. She takes tests on the platform and scores extremely well, which results in NAN token rewards distributed to her. She finds her confidence as she applies this useful knowledge and she makes her first trades.
Use case #2:
Mai not only begins to grow, but she also discovers a new set of NFTs that have requested to be listed in the NFTAd.Network’s registry. They represent blockchain/DLT projects aimed toward improving the financial outlook of artists in remote regions of developing countries. As a NFTAd.Network community member, Mai is vested with the right to vote whether each of these NFTs should be listed. The NFTAd.Network database is easy for her to navigate, and she quickly gathers an understanding of each project. She even asks her family members for their opinion. They each proffer their perspective, and Mai upvotes seven of the new proposed NFTs for inclusion. Two of Mai’s family members are intrigued by this dynamic, and they both choose to enter the NFTAd.Network community the next day.
Use case #3:
A news cycle is rampantly spreading global concerns about a potential vulnerability that has been discovered in NFT blockchains, as well as a possible trouble facing OpenSea; one of the largest NFT marketplaces. Numerous conflicting perspectives are swirling around Telegram, Slack, Twitter, Reddit and the prominent NFT blogs. Most traders in the NFT community are paralyzed with fear and are unsure as to what position to take.
Use case #4:
Increase in Market Demand for NAN Tokens. To the extent that an increase in market demand for NAN occurs and an associated increase in value of NAN relative to the United States dollar ensues, NFTAd.Network marketing and public relations team will work diligently to promote the core products. There are also a number of celebrities we want to target.
Use case #5:
A popular NFT news site, called NFTNewsCycle, has approached NFTAd.Network and asked to be considered as a publisher for listing. NFTNewsCycle pays the NFTAd.Network TCR a fee to be considered for admission. Mai and her friends perform due diligence with respect to NFTNewsCycle and even experiment with its functionality. Mai and her friends curate NFTNewsCycle and upvote it as worthy of being listed on NFTAd.Network. NAN Token rewards are distributed to Mai for her efforts, and this reward would have been issued irrespective of the results of Mai’s due diligence.
Use case #6:
Alice lives in Boston and works as a barista. During a shift, a guest is staking NAN token on the NFTAd.Network platform from his iPhone while he is explaining to his friends what Non-fungible Token is. He asks Alice for another coffee, and she is drawn into the conversation. He describes NFTAd.Network’s and NAN token roundup features. Alice joins the platform a few moments later and opts in to the roundup features. The guest comes into the coffee shop a few days later, and Alice thanks him for the introduction to NFTAd.Network token staking.

The App

The NFTAd.Network ecosystem features a well-designed, intuitive, highly functional iOS, Android & Windows Application where you can trade, educate and manage your account. Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can download the App from the Apple App Store, Google Play & Windows App Store.

The NFTAd.Network App contains the following features:

  • Account management
  • One-click Buy/Sell
  • Simplified Listings
  • Educational platform
  • Top 10 NFTs
  • NAN Staking
  • Curated Registry
  • Contest
  • Referrals
  • And many more…
  • appleandroidwindow

NAN Token Sale

NAN token will be based on Binance blockchain (BSC BEP20) and will be compatible with third-party wallets, exchanges, services, and provides easy-to-use integration.

Token issuing company CryptoZink LTD OU, a company established and organized under the law of Estonia, registered with the legal entities of Estonia under the registration code 14528182, with the registered address located at Laki tn 30, Tallinn, 12915, Estonia.

Start Date

August 14, 2021 (9:00 AM EST)

Number of NAN tokens for sale

60,000,000 NAN

End Date

November 25, 2021 (10:00 PM EST)

Tokens exchange rate


Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction

500 NAN20

Public Sale Ends in:
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
Public Sale Pre-Sale

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution


Our Road Map

June 2020

NFTAd.Network token (TGE) & Smart contract development starts

August 14, 2021

NFTAd.Network private sale starts

August 24 2021

NFTAd.Network public sale starts

August 24, 2021

NFTAd.Network airdrop and affiliate program starts

January 15, 2022

Official launch of NFTAd.Network and NAN Token

January 15, 2022

Launch of NAN / staking platform

January 15, 2022

Launch of NFT marketplace

April 2022

NFTAd.Network education platform launches

July 2022

Version 1.0 of NFTAd.Network curated registry launches

October 2022

Launch of news aggregator


The Team

The NFTAd.Network Team combines an array of industry expertise and entrepreneurial passions in addition to a proven track record in blockchain technology, finance, development, marketing & law/regulations.

Ryan Evelyn

Mr. Evelyn has over 20 yrs of Information Technology experience in the public and private sector. He holds a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A) with a concentration in Information Systems from Ashford University. Mr. Evelyn has developed and implemented strategies for these sectors which increased funding and promoted efficiency. As a Senior Vice President for one of the largest banks in the U.S, Mr. Evelyn brings significant experience in the financial sector and Cyber Security domain.

Mathieu Louis
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mathieu Louis holds a Post-Master’s degree in Information Science & International Business from Florida State University. Mathieu worked as a Software Engineer / Quality Assurance Engineer for Blackboard, Inc. for over five years. Prior to joining Blackboard, he was a member of Hewitt Associates, a Fortune 500 corporation. In 1999, Mathieu established a successful dating platform that generated 15 million visitors and over 55 million pageviews per month.

Vishal Savaliya
Smart Contract & Blockchain Engineer

Vishal has over seven years of experience in web development technologies. He is the founder of Laxmisoft Technologies and was the CTO & Blockchain Developer at Today, Vishal’s entrepreneurial spirit drives him toward the development of new technologies, with a dedicated focus with respect to cryptocurrency software, big data and blockchain. Vishal has worked on a number of ICOs, including and Timebox.Network.

Deana Davis
Marketing Manager

As a double major in Economics and Psychology from the College of the Holy Cross Massachusetts, Deana followed her interest in pursuing risk analysis and successfully completed an internship at the Institute for Defense Analysis in Washington, DC, graduating in 2011. Following graduation, Deana relocated to Orange County, California, and began her career with Dimension Data, a leading technology resale company. While with Dimension, Deana developed & maintained the company’s data

Dzhambulat Khasaye
Blockchain Developer

Dzhambulat is a blockchain evangelist and a software engineer with an extensive background in developing decentralized applications and iOS mobile solutions. He is experienced in numerous programming languages, including Swift 3, Swift 4, Solidity, C++ and JavaScript. Dzhambulat is currently lead software engineer for Blockateam, a blockchain development firm creating ICO presale tools. He was previously a software
engineer at Adoriasoft.

Michael Hermann
Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Hermann is a marketing expert with a decade of experience. He has been serving as a senior marketing consultant for mid-size to multinational companies for two years, bringing them into the cryptocurrency world. He also helped raise over $80M for a recent ICO. Michaels’s expertise and direction will constitute a solid foundation for our marketing team.

Fariha Abbasi
Blockchain & Smart Contract Developer

Fariha is a software engineer by profession and has performed complex software development for numerous multi-domain projects. Fariha has extensive experience in a highly reputed company’s research and development department. She emerged from this experience as a blockchain developer with expertise in smart contract development, proofs of concept, as well as white paper review and writing.

Paul Shumskiy
Blockchain Developer & Corda, Hyperledger Specialist

Over the past four years, Paul has been actively working on development and integration of blockchain solutions. Paul’s expertise includes building crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies, extension of logistics and insurance platforms with blockchain technology, as well as development of blockchain-powered data storage and access systems. Paul also built several sophisticated FinTech solutions utilizing blockchain technologies.


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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via our Telegram group or using the contact form below.

NFTAd.Network is a decentralized, display Non-fungible Token (NFT) advertising network aims at reducing ad a fraud with increased user privacy, combined with an a NFT marketplace, education to platform, NFT curated registry, staking, and news aggregator. We’re transforming the way the world does NFTs by exposing the technology, making real-time and predictive NFT data easily accessible to everyone, everywhere to overcome the challenges of trust, security and lack of credible educational material in the space.

Absolutely not! you can buy & hold, sell NAN tokens for profit, you can stake for high yields, and participate in our reward programs. We’re currently working on a plan that will reward token holders handsomely with additional NAN tokens.

NAN Token has many benefits: 1. Publishers get huge discount when utilizing NAN to pay’ listing fees. 2. Advertisers can stake their earnings to gain high interest. 3. Token’ holders can also stake for high yields. 4. NFT traders get huge discount when using NAN to pay success fees on the NFT marketplace. 5. NAN will used for discounted fees on the curated registry. 6. NAN will be used as incentives for participating in education platform, news aggregator and many more. These are just a few of NAN utilities. As the eco-system grows, so are the number of utilities for NAN Token.

Each person wishing to use NFTAd.Network many platforms will need to create an account and complete a number of verification. Several required & optional options to secure account will be made available to users (refer to whitepaper for detail).


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